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Water quality, Soil Erosion and Soil Quality are the top resource priorities in the district with each resource being dependent on the other resource.  As with most of our grant programs cooperators are eligible to enroll riparian areas into the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program.  All cooperators in the Palouse-Rock Lake Conservation District are eligible to apply for this program.  .

This project is funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology the Washington State Conservation Commission, Farm Service Agency, NRCS and the Washington Department of Wildlife.  Assistance will also be received from the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association.

Direct Seed Cost Share

In areas where growers use a year rotation 3 out of the 4 production years would be eligible for the cost share.  When we are able to combine the education and mentoring from the outreach education grant with the direct seed cost share grant we not only have the ability to learn using positive methods but to receive cost share to assist the conversion process.

The Direct Seed Cost Share project is designed to complement the Direct Seed Outreach program by enabling the producer not only to use what we have started but by providing a cost share program where a producer is paid to use the direct seed system on up to 200 acres  for three years.