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Livestock Program

The Livestock Pasture Upgrades Along Creeks grant is a unique opportunity for livestock producers and landowners with land adjacent to creeks, streams and rivers to enhance water quality while maintaining a strong livestock operation.

​Improving water quality by protecting the stream corridor is one of the Palouse Rock Lake Conservation District priorities.  Our goal is to ensure cooperators have the help they need to comply with Washington state requirements.  This grant provides cost-share to cooperators for fencing, livestock crossings, stock tanks, and other livestock best management practices (BMPs) that help them protect water quality.

​We can also help cooperators enroll in the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP).  The CCRP program is different than the regular CRP sign-up in that it is only for the areas next to streams and rivers.A cooperator can also sign up at any time.  If a person is willing to protect the stream corridor they are eligible receive a sign-up incentive payment and a CRP contract for up to 15 years. The annual payments for the program can range from $73.60 per acre to $75.60 per acre per year.  The CCRP will also pay for approximately 90% of the cost of installing the Best Management Practices (BMPs) including (where needed) fence, off site water systems, trees and/or shrubs and costs associated and labor.

For producers who are not interested in the CRP contract but still would like to protect the water resource, the Palouse Rock Lake Conservation District has a limited grazing program approved by the Department of Ecology provided the integrity of the stream is protected and water quality is protected.  These cost-share programs are available throughout the district.