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There has been confirmation of an outbreak of blackleg in nearly a dozen canola fields in northern Idaho this week, from Moscow to Grangeville.  Please access the WOCS website for more extensive information about the outbreak, the disease and how to scout for blackleg and submit samples. This applies to any fields with winter canola (dead or alive) or rape, or 2014 spring canola or other Brassica residues.  Tim Paulitz, Jim Davis, Don Wysocki, and Karen Sowers are available for assistance in WA, OR and ID and we will be scouting as many fields in the PNW as possible in the coming weeks, along with crop consultants, research scientists and graduate students.  Please be vigilant when visiting farmer fields, and report any findings to one of us so we can keep track of locations.

Confirmation of an outbreak of Blackleg Fungus in Northern Idaho