Palouse-Rock Lake Conservation District

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Why Conservation Districts?  

Conservation districts in the U.S. took proper form in the wake of the Dust Bowl after which it became apparent that agricultural practices, to that point, were far from sustainable. President FDR recommended to Congress the Standard State Soil Conservation Districts Act, empowering states to create their own conservation districts with certain enumerated powers and responsibilities. Conservation districts today exist today for the same reason they did then-- to assist in the preservation of our natural resources with a heavy emphasis on soils. 

Natural Resource Priorities

  • Water Quality/Sediment
  • Water Quality/Stream Improvement
  • Air Quality
  • Vegetation Enhancement

Mission- To assist the cooperators of PRLCD, to maximize sustainable productivity, to increase their income while conserving and enhancing natural resources (soil, water, air, plants, animals and humans) for now and future generations by making available federal, state, county, city and private programs, resources, technical and scientific information and educational opportunities.‚Äč